1. Where does MODA stop?

Moda Shuttle currently has 3 stops. Pier 11/Wall Street NYC, Atlantic Highlands NJ, & Highlands NJ. All  shuttles go direct to their destinations, no stops along the way. 

2. What is the cancelation policy?

Customers may cancel a reservation up to 1 hour prior to scheduled service for a full refund. Customers may re-schedule a reservation up to 1 hour prior to scheduled service. If customer cancels reservation less than 1 hour before scheduled service, no refund will be given. If customer reserves service within the hour before scheduled service, no refund will be given if canceled.

3. How far ahead do I have to reserve a seat?

You can reserve a seat on any Moda Shuttle up to the time it departs. Last minute reservations are welcome!

4. How dependable is it?

VERY! Moda Shuttle runs as scheduled, regardless of the number of reservations. 

5. How certain am I to get a spot?

When you reserve a seat on Moda Shuttle you are guaranteed a seat. We only sell the exact number of seats available. 

6. What if I need to go to the bathroom?

We suggest using a restroom before getting on your shuttle and if you have to go during the ride just let the driver know and they will pull into a rest stop. 

7. What other rules are there?

All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times while inside all of Moda Shuttles vehicles. 


Passengers are required to remain in their seats while the vehicle is in operation.


No smoking while inside any Moda Shuttle vehicle, including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vaporizers. 

No unruly behavior. No shouting, being loud, offensive language, and no activity that is disturbing to the driver or other passengers.

The driver has the right to refuse entry onto the vehicle of passengers that are exhibiting signs of visible excessive intoxication.

If a passenger gets sick and/or vomits inside of the vehicle, there will be a $200 clean up fee that will automatically be charged to the credit card used to book the service.

No animals are permitted on the vehicle. The only exception is legitimate service animals riding together with owner.

8. More Questions?

Contact us! We are very happy to answer any questions you have. Email us directly @ modashuttleservice@gmail.com

Thank you : )